40. Bruce Sellery & Naanak Sodhi

Wednesday, May 3, 2023
Show Notes
In this episode, we use money as a catalyst for intergenerational conversation.
Rick's two guests are Bruce Sellery and Naanak Sodhi. Bruce is a renowned Canadian financial consultant, business journalist, TV host and professional speaker. He’s also the founder of Moolala, which inspires people to get a better handle on their money.
Naanak is a mechanical engineer, screen composer and music producer, who works with Google in Toronto, and who writes music for Bell Media.
Together, they speak about...
The intersection of tech, culture and business
How young people view money
Aligning Value with Values
The problem of affordability
The disconnect of expectations
The energy of immigrants
Working smart vs working hard
The wisdom of experience
The capacity for resilience
Developing your passion
Finding your people
Reconciling self and other
And a game show!
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