28. (Video) Bruria Cooperman & James Mayer

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Show Notes
As a bonus to season 1 of Xing The Gap, we're releasing video versions of your favourite episodes. Now you get to see AND hear some of the extraordinary Canadians we spoke to this season, plus live drawings by Rick Miller, and multimedia by Kidoons. Enjoy!

In this special cooking episode, Rick speaks to Bruria Cooperman - “the Rebel Bubbie" - and chef James Mayer, a Millennial who starred on Master Chef Canada. Bruria is an artist, storyteller, and author of “For THIS I Survived? Children of Survivors Beyond the Trauma”. By day, James works for the Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation, and by night, he’s a classically trained, private chef for friends and family. We talk about family dinners, tradition vs. innovation in cooking, Hellman's vs. Miracle Whip, stomping gefilte fish, remembering Woodstock, cooking with pearls, and other pearls of wisdom. Plus a game show, and Japanese fusion Matzah Balls. Bon appetit!
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