22. Kenneth Montague & Emilie Croning

Monday, April 18, 2022

Show Notes
In this episode, Rick speaks with Dr. Kenneth Montague and Emilie Croning. Kenneth is a Toronto art collector and the founder of Wedge Curatorial Projects, a non-profit organization that supports African and Diasporic artists. He’s also a dentist, but more on that dual-life later. Emilie’s a curator, artist and art historian of Jamaican and Lebanese descent, who digs into the intersections of feminist theories, post-colonialism, and criticism. She’s not a dentist, but she does work with Kenneth on Wedge Curatorial Projects and manages his private Wedge Collection. As a Boomer-GenX-Millennial trio, they dig into
Straddling the US-Canada border
Choosing dentistry over music
James Van Der Zee’s photography
Appreciating vs. Appropriating
Pushing for Black art collectors
Lifting As You Rise
Co-opting the Canadian Flag
The cycles of Rights Movements
The transformative power of Art
And the slap heard round the world.

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