14. Robert Lepage & Lyndz Dantiste

Monday, February 14, 2022

Show Notes
XTG extends a big Bienvenue to 2 Quebec artists, Robert Lepage and Lyndz Dantiste. If you’re into theatre, film, circus or opera, chances are you’ve heard of Robert Lepage, artistic director of Le Diamant, Ex Machina, and one of the world’s most celebrated living director/writer/performers. His groundbreaking vision and technical wizardry are what inspired Rick to do what he does and he's fortunate to have worked with him on many productions earlier in his career. Robert is joined by Lyndz Dantiste, an up-and-coming young actor and dancer, onstage and onscreen, who is also the co-founder and co-artistic director of Théâtre de la Sentinelle in Montreal. Together, they talk about "La Sentinelle" ("Ghost Light" in English), staging the classics in Creole, different identities in different languages, BIPOC representation onstage, the absence of memory, learning from older generations & giving younger generations a chance, Jean-Paul Riopelle & Joni Mitchell, tapping into the universal, killing the father, transforming the “Self”, engaging the “Other”, and dancing with Sylvie Guillem.
(Robert) “Each leg is insured for 6 million dollars, so when she runs at you and you have to catch her in mid-air, that’s what you think about.”
Break a leg? Or not.