39. Mary Furlong & Zoe Byington

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Show Notes
In this episode, Rick speaks with Mary Furlong and Zoe Byington of Mary Furlong & Associates. Mary is an entrepreneur, educator, author, and leading authority in the longevity marketplace. For 30 years, she’s guided major corporations, startups and non-for-profits, as they navigate trends in aging and technology. Since this podcast recording, Zoe’s been named the Technology and Digital Equity Project Coordinator at AARP, and is a social gerontologist working closely with Mary to enhance the lives of our aging society.
Together, they tackle…
Bi-coastal living
Intergeneration living
Ageism going both ways
The business opportunies of Baby Boomers
Including young voices in investing
Money as a gift
Technology as a tool
Entrepreneurs and innovation
The importance of stories
Evolving ecosystems
The 5Ls of Leadership
And, as always, a game show!
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