37. Sabaa Quao & Yara Matta

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Show Notes
It's Season 2 of XingTheGap! In this 1st episode, Rick speaks to Sabaa Quao and Yara Matta. Sabaa is a career entrepreneur, business strategist, and Chief Creative Officer of Cossette. He's also the founder of Wealthie, an investment and financial literacy platform for young people, which is where Yara as a designer. She is a Lebanese-born, Toronto-based interdisciplinary artist and community organizer. Yara moved to Canada in 2015 to attend the University of Toronto and graduated in 2020 with a BA in New Media and Studio.
Together, we tackle…
Financial Literacy for Families
The Magic of Compound Interest
Talking - or NOT Talking - about Money
GenX Entrepreneurship
Building Resilience to Weather Storms
Creativity as an Operating System
Focusing Deeply vs. Multi-Tasking
Getting Stuck
Constant Branding
Finding Reliable Sources of Information
Epistemology, or How do you Know what you Know?
Learning from Each Other
and a Game Show
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