33. (Video) Colin Mochrie & Debra McGrath

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Show Notes
As a bonus to season 1 of Xing The Gap, we're releasing video versions of your favourite episodes. Now you get to see AND hear some of the extraordinary Canadians we spoke to this season, plus live drawings by Rick Miller, and multimedia by Kidoons. Enjoy!

Improv fans, you’re in for a treat, as Rick speaks to Colin Mochrie and Debra McGrath. Colin’s about a big an improv star as you can get, with over 2 decades on the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, both the UK and US versions. But he’s not “Just for Laughs"... Colin’s also done Shakespearean tragedy, and played a serial killer on Murdoch Mysteries. He’s joined by his life partner Debra McGrath, an award-winning writer, producer and comedian, who co-starred with Colin in the CBC series Getting Along Famously. And as you’ll see, they do get along famously as we talk about being "OK Boomered", making Mulroney: the Opera , master plasterers, life’s twists and turns, laughing through tough times, helping their trans daughter choose a new name, free speech vs. hate speech, punching below your weight, hope in the younger generations, change in older generations, an improv game, and a game show.