29. (Video) Asha Jain & Ravi Jain

Monday, August 8, 2022

Show Notes
As a bonus to season 1 of Xing The Gap, we're releasing video versions of your favourite episodes. Now you get to see AND hear some of the extraordinary Canadians we spoke to this season, plus live drawings by Rick Miller, and multimedia by Kidoons. Enjoy!

Rick speaks with Ravi Jain and his mom Asha, stars of the international hit show Brimful of Asha. Ravi is the co-artistic director and founder of Why Not Theatre, a trailblazing company that celebrates cultural diversity and gives access to a younger generation of Canadian artists. The mother-son pair, with an assist from dad Ramesh and baby Rohan, share stories about arranged marriage, raising kids in immigrant communities, hipsters, gentrification, inter-generational cohabitation, ... and getting by a blank check from the Rolling Stones. Sweet Dreams… are made of this.
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