27. (Video) Mary Walsh & Jamie Pitt

Monday, July 11, 2022

Show Notes
As a bonus to season 1 of Xing The Gap, we're releasing video versions of your favourite episodes. Now you get to see AND hear some of the extraordinary Canadians we spoke to this season, plus live drawings by Rick Miller, and multimedia by Kidoons. Enjoy!

Rick's two guests are Mary Walsh and Jamie Pitt, who bring us inter-generational perspectives from Newfoundland. Mary is one of Canada’s most recognized comedians, a founding member of CODCO and This Hour Has 22 Minutes, and a prolific writer, producer and performer. Jamie was a student of Mary’s, then her executive assistant, and is now a successful casting director, editor and educator. We talk about Newfoundlanders doing things their own way, gender and intersectionality, underrepresentation of older women in culture, looking under the hood of who we are, hurtful words, and heartfelt conversations with family.
Plus a Canadian legend gets her butt whooped in a game show.
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tw: @rickmilleractor