19. Lu Hanessian & Nick Kepron

Monday, March 28, 2022

Show Notes
Rick speaks with Lu Hanessian and Nick Kepron, a multi-talented mother and son. Lu is an award-winning journalist, author, former NBC network anchor and Discovery Health Channel host, who has hosted more than a dozen TV shows over 25 years. She's a mind-brain resilience researcher and adjunct professor of peace and justice studies. Her articles and essays have been published in The New York Times, Mindful, Mothering, and USA Today, and she hosts a new podcast, The Foreseeable Now. Her son Nick, 23, is a musician, painter, composer, arranger, producer, educator and instrument builder - and as you’ll hear, one helluva drummer. From their home near Washington DC, they talk about
visions for new systems
reclaiming history
reading two stories, and inventing a 3rd
the space for choice
are Tuesday yellow or blue?
meeting Rufus Reid, Neil Peart, and Jimmy Cobb
living up to our ideals
integrating resilience
the foreseeable now
the paradox of time
and heavy metal drummers.

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