13. Karen Johnson-Diamond, Stephanie Wolfe & Griffin Cork

Monday, February 7, 2022

Show Notes
Rick speaks with fellow podcasters Stephanie Wolfe, Karen Johnson-Diamond, and Griffin Cork, the voices behind "The Breakfast Dish", "Scamtime", and "Bridging the Gap Between Generations Who Assume Things About Each Other”, which Rick guested on in 2021. Stephanie and Karen are renowned Albertan actors and improvisers. Steph’s a founding member of the Canadian Comedy Award Winning Live Improvised Soap Opera, Die-Nasty. Karen’s the co-founder of Dirty Laundry, another awesome Albertan improv company. Griffin is Karen’s son, and a fine actor and producer in his own right. As a quad, they cover the art/chaos of podcasting, assuming things about others and being wrong, how teenagers will save the world, how facebook and TikTok split generations, finding meaning in bullshit jobs, how GenX invented the internet, from “Yes But” to “Yes And”, seeing change as opportunity, and why learning people’s pronouns is - to quote Griffin - “less effort than helping them move".
Bridging The Gap podcast
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