11. Daniel MacIvor & Zach Running Coyote

Monday, January 24, 2022

Show Notes
It's inter-generational theatre time! Rick speaks with Daniel MacIvor and Zach Running Coyote. Daniel’s one of Canada’s most renowned writer/performers, winner of the 2008 Siminovitch Prize, and too many other awards to list here. If you’ve been through theatre school in Canada, you’ve probably studied one of his monologues. Zach’s a twenty-something, multi-talented writer/performer, only a couple of years out of acting school, who I bet the next generation of theatre students will be studying. As a trio, they dig into generational cuspers, the recognition of intersection, solo vs multi-actor performance, cross-generational writing, repeating past mistakes, failing better, Betty White vs. Satan, why Twitter makes us want to leave social media, and the trainwreck of Reality TV. Plus the players play a game show!